Monday, October 4, 2010

A Storyboarding Tutorial - Part 2 - Thumbnailing

Now I am at the phase where I just want to visualize the story.

I don't want to think too hard about the logistics yet.

Inspiration Stage

First I go look at images that inspire that I am going to draw. This of course can be dangerous as research can easily turn into another form of procrastination. So I try and only look at images a bit then get onto drawing. AND limit my researches to only what i need for this particular project.

A simple list of the elements I will limit myself to:
Farm, farmhouse, fox, crow, rural landscapes.

The two places I go to is google images, My Curiosities Site and Flickr Hive Mind

I will open a couple tabs with the different queries and keep them on hand to just look through while I am boarding.

So in the case of this boarding project these are all opened in tabs:

I Really like having these images sites open as it helps me visualize and keep inspired as I work.


So Here I have put my first ROUGH thumb-nailing pass.

Now what I was trying to do with this is just getting something down. Even though I already thought of better shots and things I wanted to add I just wanted to finish this step so I don't get caught up in editing before I have a step finished.

The only editing I've done to these thumbs is to put them in order as my first first pass was very random. I just start getting images down. Then after I put them in order I numbered the scenes and put the action and dial in.

So Now that I have something to work off of I will go through them again and start to flesh the thumbs out with a second pass.

So This is a second pass on the roughs but I only got through two shots before I had to go home. So I Uploaded just these changes with Notes.

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