Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Save The Cat - Genres and Beats

Monster In the house
Monster, House, Sin
Pure Monster, Domestic Monster, Serial Monster, Supra-natural Monster, Nihilist Monster

Golden Fleece
Road, Team, Prize
Sports Fleece, Buddy Fleece, Epic Fleece, Caper Fleece, Solo Fleece

Out of the Bottle
Wish, Spell, Lesson
Body Switch Bottle, Angel Bottle, Thing Bottle, Curse Bottle, Surreal Bottle

Dude With a Problem
Innocent hero, Sudden Event, Life or death Battle
Spy Problem, Law Enforcement, Domestic Problem, Epic Problem, Nature Problem:

Rites of Passage
Life Problem, Wrong way, Acceptance
Mid-Life Passage, Separation Passage, Death Passage, Addiction Passage, Adolescent Passage

Buddy love
Incomplete Hero, Counterpart, Complication
Pet Love, Professional Love, Rom-com Love, Epic Love, Forbidden Love:

Detective, Secret, Dark Turn
Political Whydunit, Fantasy Whydunit, Cop Whydunit, Personal Whydunit, Noir Whydunit

Fool Triumphant
Fool, Establishment, Transmutation
Political Fool, Undercover Fool, Society Fool, Fool Out of Water, Sex Fool

Group, Choice, Sacrifice
Military Institution, Family Institution, Business Institution, Mentor Institution, Issue Institution:

Special Power, Nemesis, Curse
Real Life Superhero, Storybook Superhero, Fantasy Superhero, People’ Superhero, Comic- Book Superhero:

1. Opening Image (1):
2. Theme Stated (5):
3. Set-Up (1-10):
4. Catalyst (12):
5. Debate (12-25):
6. Break into Two (25)
7. B Story (30):
8. Fun and Games (30-55):
9. Midpoint (55):
10. Bad Guys Close In (55-75):
11. All Is Lost (75):
12. Dark Night of the Soul (75-85):
13. Break into Three (85):
14. Finale (85-110):
15. Final Image (110):

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