Monday, January 18, 2010

Story *"Tent Polls"

   1. Hook, Opening Image, Set-Up, Exposition/Ordinary World, Theme Stated
   2. Call to Adventure, Inciting Incident/Catalyst, Set Up Potential Fight
   3. Dilemma, Refusing the Call, Debate, Meeting with the Mentor
   4. Dramatic Question, Break Into Act 2/Crossing the Threshold

   1. Enter B Story/exploring the theme, Test, Allies and Enemies
   2. Fun and Games, Resolution Attempts, Approach
   3. Conflict Increases, Progress, the Ordeal
   4. Midpoint, False Victory/the Reward, Turning Point

   5. Bad Guys Close in, Reversal of Fortune, the Road Back
   6. Crisis, False Defeat, All is Lost
   7. Dark Night of the Soul, Revelation
   8. Decision, Action/ The Resurrection, Break into Three
   1. Declaration of War, Touch off the fight to the Finish
   2. Fight to the Finish, Finale
   3. Climax, Dramatic Answer
   4. Resolution, Return with the Elixir, Epilogue, Final Image

Hook/Opening Image
- Setup/Exposition
Theme Stated
Inciting Incident/Catalyst
- Debate
*Set Up Potential Fight
Dramatic Question
Break Into Act 2
Act 2

- Enter B Story (exploring the theme)
- Fun and Games/Resolution Attempts
- Conflict Increases
- Progress
Midpoint/False Victory
Act 3

Turning Point
- Bad Guys Close in/Reversal of Fortune
All is Lost/False Defeat
- Dark Night of the Soul
Act 4

*Action/Break into Three
Declaration of War
*Touch off the fight to the Finish
- Finale
*Fight to the Finish
- Climax
Dramatic Answer
- Epilogue
Final Image

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