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The Thirty-seven Dramatic Situations 13-18

13. ENMITY OF KINSMEN. Elements: A malevolent kinsman, a hated or reciprocally hating kinsman.
A Hatred of siblings:
A1 One sibling hated by several.
A2 Reciprocal hatred between siblings.
A3 Hatred between relatives for reasons of self-interest.
B Hatred of parent and child:

B1 Hatred of the child for the parent.
B2 Mutual hatred.
B3 Hatred of the parent for the child.
C Hatred of grandparent for grandchild.
D1 Hatred of parent-in-law for son-in-law or daughter-in-law.
D2 Hatred of two brothers-in-law or sisters-in-law
E Hatred of son-in-law (daughter-in-law) for mother-in-law. F Infanticide.

14. RIVALRY OF KINSMEN. Elements: the preferred kinsman, the rejected kinsman, and the object.
A1 Malicious rivalry of a sibling.
A2 Malicious rivalry of two siblings.
A3 Rivalry of two brothers, with adultery on the part of one.
B1 Rivalry of parent and child, for an unmarried lover.
B2 Rivalry of parent and child, for a married lover.
B3 Case similar to the two foregoing, but in which the object is already the spouse of the parent.
B4 Rivalry of parent and child.
C Rivalry of cousins. D Rivalry of friends.
15. MURDEROUS ADULTERY. Elements: Two adulterers, betrayed husband or wife.
A1 The slaying of a husband by, or for, a paramour.
A2 The slaying of a trusting lover.
B Slaying of a wife for a paramour, and in self-interest.
16. MADNESS. Elements: Mad person and victim.
A1 Kinsman slain in madness.
A2 A lover slain in madness.
A3 Slaying or injuring of a person not hated.
B Disgrace brought upon oneself through madness. C Loss of loved ones brought about by madness. D Madness brought on by fear of hereditary insanity.
17. FATAL IMPRUDENCE. Elements: The imprudent, the victim or the object lost.
A1 Imprudence the cause of one's own misfortune.
A2 Imprudence the cause of one's own dishonor.
B1 Curiosity the cause of one's own misfortune.
B2 Loss of the possession of a loved one, through curiosity.
C1 Curiosity the cause of death or misfortune to others.
C2 Imprudence the cause of a relative's death.
C3 Imprudence the cause of a lover's death.
C4 Credulity the cause of kinsman's death.
C5 Credulity the cause of misfortune.
18. Involuntary Crimes of Love. Elements: The lover, the loved, and the revealer.
A1 Discovery that one has married one's mother.
A2 Discovery that one has had one's sibling as a lover.
B1 Discovery that one has married one's sibling.
B2 Discovery that one has married one's sibling, in which the crime has been villainously planned by a third person.
B3 Being upon the point of taking one's sibling, unknowingly, as a lover.
C Being upon the point of violating, unknowingly, one's own child. D1 Being upon the point of committing an adultery, unknowingly.
D2 Adultery committed unknowingly.

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