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The Thirty-seven Dramatic Situations 7-12

7. FALLING PREY TO CRUELTY OR MISFORTUNE. Elements: an Unfortunate; a Master or a Misfortune.
A The innocent made the victim of ambitious intrigue. B The innocent despoiled by those who should protect. C1 The powerful dispossessed and wretched.
C2 A favorite or an intimate finds himself forgotten.
D The unfortunate robbed of their hope.

8. REVOLT. Elements: Tyrant and Conspirator.
A1 A conspiracy chiefly of one individual.
A2 A conspiracy of several.
B1 Revolt of one individual, who influences and involves others. B2 A revolt of many.
9. DARING ENTERPRISE. Elements: A bold leader, an object, an adversary.
A Preparations for war. B1 War.
B2 Combat.
C1 Carrying off a desired person or object.
C2 Recapture of a desired object.
D1 Adventurous expeditions.
D2 Adventure undertaken for the purpose of obtaining a beloved woman.
10. ABDUCTION. Elements: The abductor, the abducted, the guardian.
A Abduction of an unwilling woman. B Abduction of a consenting woman. C1 Recapture of the woman without the slaying of the abductor.
C2 The same case, with the slaying of the ravisher.
D1 Rescue of a captive friend.
D2 Rescue of a child.
D3 Rescue of a soul in captivity to error.
11. THE ENIGMA. Elements: Interrogator, seeker, and problem.
A Search for a person who must be found on pain of death. B1 A riddle to be solved on pain of death.
B2 A riddle to be solved on pain of death, in which the riddle is proposed by the coveted woman.
C1 Temptations suffered with the object of discovering his name.
C2 Temptations offered with the object of ascertaining the sex.
C3 Tests for the purpose of ascertaining the mental condition.
12. OBTAINING. Elements: A solicitor and an adversary who is refusing, or an arbitrator opposing parties.
A Efforts to obtain an object by ruse or force. B Endeavor by means of persuasive eloquence alone. C Eloquence with an arbitrator.

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